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    David Jackson

    David Jackson
    David Jackson, aka The CO2 Guy, is Founder and President of CleanLogix LLC and Clean Imagineering LLC, based in Santa Clarita, California. David’s companies work in partnership to manufacture and distribute synergistic clean manufacturing products and services for precision cleaning, hard machining, thermal control, value extraction, precision drying, sample testing, process fluids supply and management, and smart manufacturing. David also serves as Clean Manufacturing Consultant to Hitachi High-Tech, Japan, to develop and deploy Hitachi-brand CO2 enabled precision cleaning and metalworking fluid products (clean solutions) for high-volume and high-reliability product manufacturing. David began his career as group head of precision cleaning and contamination control at Hughes Aircraft Company in the 1980’s. There he developed the first CO2-based precision cleaning techniques as chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) solvent replacement processes for use in the production of advanced aerospace communications and warfare devices. David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, has authored or co-authored numerous technical articles and presentations, and has been issued more than 40 patents worldwide. David has developed and commercialized more than twenty clean manufacturing products utilizing environmentally-safe and renewable chemistries including CO2, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, bio-based hydrocarbons, and atmospheric plasma. Over the past 35 years, David’s unique expertise and innovations have provided numerous Fortune 100 and 500 manufacturing companies worldwide with cost- and performance-effective tools to improve product quality, increase productivity, reduce manufacturing waste, lower cost of production, and improve the environmental quality in their factories. • Renewable Chemistries for Precision Cleaning, Machining Processes, and Value Extractions • Centrifugal, Microwave, and Ultrasonic-Assisted Cleaning and Extraction Processes • Cleaning, Cooling, and Lubrication Processes using Solid, Liquid, Plasma, and Supercritical CO2 • Non-contact Surface Analysis Methods • Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment Methods • Manufacturing Waste Minimization Assessments • Cleaning Process Development and Cleanliness Validation • 3D Product Design and Fabrication • PLC/iPC Control Panel and Software Development • Robotic Process Automation • Contract Cleaning Services • Smart Manufacturing Consulting

    Recent Posts

    Inspired By Nature

    Solubility Gradients

    Synergistic, Synchronistic, and Synthesizing

    A plant is a complex system of physical structures, phytochemicals, and biochemical processes possessing a range of distinct solubility properties and behaviors. Physical structures and chemicals are logically organized and located within a plant and possess solubility parameter gradients, or more simply Solubility Gradients (↕δ). For example, plant structures possess solubility parameters ranging from hydrocarbon-like (Exterior Structures and Surfaces) to water-like (Interior Structures and Surfaces). More significantly, solubility gradients are present in synergistic, synchronistic, and synthesizing physicochemical processes such as photosynthesis, fermentation, nutrient transport, defense mechanisms, biochemistry, and biochemical processes.

    Solubility Gradients are the inspiration for our Tunable Extraction System. 

    Making the Case for Liquid CO2

    Liquid CO2 is a Better Solvent 

    Higher Power, Capacity, and Speed

    Laboratory testing and commercial equipment performance comparisons demonstrate that liquid CO2 is a better exhaustive extraction solvent than supercritical CO2. Liquid CO2 is superior in terms of higher solvent power, solvent capacity, and extraction speed, and particularly when coupled with extraction process intensification measures such as chemical modification, ultrasonics, and centrifugation.

    SLO Cooker Tech Spec

    The Future of Liquid CO2 Extraction

    CO2 Extraction Reimagined

    The SLO Cooker™ natural product extraction system uses patents-pending Smart Technology™ for producing healthful (and flavorful) full-spectrum extracts from plants for use in foods, beverages, tinctures, or vapes.

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